Family Concert

Brass of the Berliner Philharmoniker

Klaus Wallendorf

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    The Bremen Brass Musicians In German. Music by Sándor Balogh, text by Klaus Wallendorf after fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm (00:51:12)

    Klaus Wallendorf Presenter

2013 is Grimm Brothers’ year, and our Family Concerts this season are connected by the theme of fairy tales. A delightful variety of musical means is being enlisted to present the beloved stories. This little series begins with the brass! Who hasn’t heard the tale of Donkey, Dog, Cat and Rooster, the world-famous Bremen Town Musicians. A motley crew – old and rickety, rejected and discarded – facing a dismal end. With humour, guile and cunning, they succeed in defying their fate. In this musical treatment by Sándor Balogh – impishly retold with new texts by Klaus Wallendorf – they have become the “Brass Musicians”, and their ranks have grown to include Moo-Cow!