Kirill Petrenko and Frank Peter Zimmermann


Berliner Philharmoniker
Kirill Petrenko

Frank Peter Zimmermann

  • Alban Berg
    Concerto for Violin and Orchestra “To the Memory of an Angel”

    Frank Peter Zimmermann violin

  • Antonín Dvořák
    Symphony No. 5 in F major, op. 76

  • Interview
    Approx. 20 min before the concert: Frank Peter Zimmermann on Alban Berg’s Violin Concerto “To the Memory of an Angel”

  • Interview
    Approx. 15 min before the concert: Kirill Petrenko in conversation with Albrecht Mayer

With this recording, we are once again showing the concert from the previous day: “Alban Berg’s Violin Concerto is a piece that gets under your skin,” says violinist Frank Peter Zimmermann. Deeply moved by the death of Manon Gropius, the daughter of Alma Mahler and Walter Gropius, the composer created a musical monument to the young girl, and at the same time created one of the most poignant concertos of the 20th century. Antonín Dvořák in his Fifth Symphony, on the other hand, strikes a completely different note – joyful, serene and pastoral.

Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation in co-operation with Berliner Festspiele/Musikfest Berlin

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