IIJ – A strong partner for worldwide streaming

The Digital Concert Hall is the global stage of the Berliner Philharmoniker. People all over the world come together on their screens to form a wide, international audience. To offer streaming in the Digital Concert Hall, a strong partner is required. The Digital Concert Hall is pleased to have found such a partner in the Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ).

As a network and communications company, IIJ is committed to building a high-quality streaming infrastructure. IIJ became known as Japan’s first public Internet service provider in the early 1990s and has played an important role in the development of the Digital Concert Hall since 2016. IIJ provides the high-performance network that enables the Berliner Philharmoniker’s concerts to be streamed worldwide. In addition, IIJ advises the Digital Concert Hall on future-proof internet solutions to improve the performance and functionality of its offer. Moreover, both companies are involved in other innovative streaming projects, such as the implementation of high-resolution audio in combination with high-resolution video streaming.

Koichi Suzuki, chairman and CEO of IIJ: “It is very important to us to help the Berliner Philharmoniker to spread their music throughout the world. Through the internet and the Digital Concert Hall, it is also possible to reach people who otherwise would not have the opportunity to come to the Philharmonie Berlin.”

Olaf Maninger, principal cellist and media representative of the Berliner Philharmoniker: “The Digital Concert Hall has found a reliable and proven partner in Internet Initiative Japan. IIJ’s infrastructure provides a solid foundation for the Digital Concert Hall’s streaming offer and we look forward to exploring new technologies together to provide an even better service to our viewers.”

Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ)

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