22 dic. 2010

Valeri Guérguiev conversa con Wilfried Strehle (17 min)

Valery Gergiev has had an unusual relationship with the Berliner Philharmoniker since winning the Herbert von Karajan Prize in 1976. After winning, he did not return to Berlin for ten years – or to the West at all. During his time in Russia, he gained the experience that helped him after the fall of the Berlin Wall to a global career. Today, not only does he hold important permanent posts with orchestras in various countries, but he also regularly performs with the foremost ensembles. In December 2010, he returned after a few years to the podium of the Berliner Philharmoniker where he celebrated his official debut in 1993. The programme included works by Russian composers. In conversation with Wilfried Strehle, who until 2013 served as a principal violist with the Philharmoniker for 42 years, Gergiev tells of his memories of great conductors such as Herbert von Karajan and Leonard Bernstein, talks about Ravel’s orchestration of Mussorgsky’s Pictures of an exhibition and the composition of his concert programme.

El concierto