Berliner Philharmoniker
Sir Simon Rattle

  • Joseph Haydn
    Symphony No. 92 in G major “Oxford” (00:27:04)

  • Johannes Brahms
    Symphony No. 1 in C minor, op. 68 (00:47:54)

“Since Haydn, a symphony is no longer a simple affair, but a matter of life and death”, Johannes Brahms once noted. But even more awe-inspiring than Haydn’s over one hundred symphonies was Ludwig van Beethoven’s musical legacy. Born in Hamburg in 1833, Brahms heard the “giant marching behind him” and, accordingly, as a young man had his difficulties composing symphonies... Brahms abandoned one plan to contribute to the genre in 1854. In the following twenty years he proved himself with various other kinds of orchestral works. It was only in 1876 – Brahms was already 43 years old! – that he finally found the courage to present his first symphony to the public. And he was greeted with overwhelming success! None other than the conductor Hans von Bülow called Brahms’ symphonic debut “Beethoven’s Tenth”. The combination of Haydn’s Symphony No. 92, which he presented on the occasion of receiving an honorary doctorate from Oxford University in 1791, and Brahms groundbreaking First Symphony, is a concert experience that shouldn’t be missed!

EMI Sir Simon Rattle appears by kind permission of EMI Classics.

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