Supported devices

TV & Blu-ray

TV, Blu-ray Players, Streaming-Devices

The most impressive way to experience the Digital Concert Hall is, of course, on a large screen. There are a variety of way you can do this:

  • On most modern televisions and Blu-ray players with an Internet connection, the Digital Concert Hall is pre-installed as a free TV app. Alternatively, you can find the app in the app store of the respective manufacturer.
  • The TV App can also be found on external streaming devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or the Google Nexus player.
  • If you access the Digital Concert Hall by a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, then picture and sound can be easily transferred to your TV screen via Apple TV or Google cast.
  • Or you can simply connect your computer to your TV with an HDMI cable.
Smartphone & Tablet

Smartphone and tablet

Always at hand, wherever you are: The free mobile apps of the Digital Concert Hall.

Mac | PC


The website of the Digital Concert Hall gives you comprehensive information and programme texts about our concerts – and of course all the videos.

  • Whether Windows PC or Mac, our concerts can be played in all browsers.