04 Jun 2016

Sir John Eliot Gardiner in conversation with Jonathan Kelly (17 min.)

John Eliot Gardiner enjoys legendary status in the music world, due in part to his recordings of Bach’s Passions and Mozart operas, among others. However, for many classical music fans, he has yet to be discovered as a conductor of Igor Stravinsky. In June 2016, he conducted the Berliner Philharmoniker in a performance of the ballet Apollon musagète and the opera-oratorio Oedipus Rex, two of Stravinsky’s works from the Russian composer’s neoclassical phase. In this interview, Gardiner talks with his compatriot Jonathan Kelly about Stravinsky’s music and performing with the Berliner Philharmoniker, his work with the English ensembles he founded – and about the art of gardening.

The concert