01 Feb 2019

Marek Janowski in conversation with Rainer Seegers (18 min.)

After conducting Anton Bruckner’s Fourth Symphony with the Berliner Philharmoniker in 2017, Marek Janowsk returned to the orchestra in February 2019 for a performance of the Sixth. The composer’s rarely heard E minor Mass was also on the programme. In an interview with the Philharmoniker’s timpanist Rainer Seegers, Marek Janowski talks about his lifelong fascination with Bruckner’s music and the modernity of the mass, which is accompanied by an ensemble of woodwind and brass instruments and was last performed by the Philharmoniker in 1972. Other topics of conversation include Bruckner’s contrapuntal skills and the Adagio of his Sixth Symphony, which Janowski considers the composer’s most compelling slow movement.

The concert