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Thomas Leyendecker: a portrait

A film by Sibylle Strobel

Thomas Leyendecker

9 min.

Thomas Leyendecker was born in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and has been a member of the Berliner Philharmoniker since 2006. Although a master of all types of trombone, the dark timbre of the bass trombone is his favourite. He is particularly attracted to the deep sound, something which is indispensable in both sacred and jazz music. In this film portrait, Leyendecker, whose trombones are made by the Kromat company in Wilstedt, discusses among other things the role Glenn Miller played in his choice of instrument, and why the violin and bassoon are at a disadvantage. In addition to teaching in Leipzig and working for the Philharmoniker, whose education projects he regularly participates in, the musician is studying to be a deacon. He particularly values the unlimited potential of his instrument, ranging from early to contemporary music or, in Leyendecker’s words, “from the jazz club to church music”.