10 Feb 2020

Kirill Petrenko on Puccini’s “Suor Angelica” (6 min.)

In addition to the German and Russian repertoire, Kirill Petrenko frequently devoted himself to the Italian repertoire as general music director of Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich. Among other works, he conducted a new production of Giacomo Puccini’s rarely performed trilogy of one-act operas, Il Trittico. Suor Angelica is the central work of the trilogy, set in a 17th century convent. Kirill Petrenko chose this work, in which only women appear, for his first contribution to the Berliner Philharmoniker’s education project. In addition to the scholarship holders of the Karajan Academy and members of the Vocal Heroes choir programme, young female soloists and Katarina Dalayman, a successful Wagner singer, presented the work in February 2020. The staging was by director Nicola Hümpe and her ensemble Nico and the Navigators. In an interview with Philharmoniker cellist Martin Menking, chief conductor Kirill Petrenko explains why Puccini’s opera is so close to his heart and how enriching he finds working with young artists.

The concert