16 dic. 2017

Christian Thielemann conversa con Raimar Orlovsky (18 min)

Beethoven’s Missa solemnis is one of the most difficult compositions in the history of music for conductors, orchestras, choirs and vocal soloists. The work, which Beethoven himself considered one of his most best creations, was performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker under the direction of Christian Thielemann during the pre-Christmas season of 2017. Here, the conductor talks about the challenge of playing pianissimo with such a large ensemble, about the interplay of control and trust when working with the Philharmoniker, and the impression that the music by the late Beethoven seems to come “from another planet”. In addition, in this interview with the Philharmoniker’s violinist Raimar Orlovsky, we learn to what extent the work of the Kapellmeister is comparable in many ways to that of a vintner.

El concierto