18 May 2018

Members of the Berliner Philharmoniker

Vocal Heroes

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    Vocal Heroes Sing-Along Concert (61 min.)

    Vocal Heroes, Carolin Strecker chorus master, Tobias Walenciak chorus master, Johannes Wolff chorus master, Mark Wyand saxophone and clarinet, Peter Schindler piano, Arne Jansen guitar, Esko Laine double bass, Franz Schindlbeck drums

In this concert, sitting still is not allowed! – for as soon as the music starts, the education programme’s vocal heroes choirs, under the direction of their choral conductors Carolin Strecker, Tobias Walenciak and Johannes Wolff, invite Berlin school classes to join them together in the Philharmonie – and everyone is expected to join in the fun! The choirs will take their guests on a musical journey around the world: from America via Japan to Hungary, Greece, Germany and England. At the same time, the programme is also a journey through the ages, from music of the Middle Ages to modern times, and from spring to winter.

The vocal heroes are very cosmopolitan and sing in many languages, even in Japanese. They encourage the school children to sing along, to enjoy the “Maienwind” of the song with them, to dance over bridges and through monastery gardens, and to encounter fireflies, beavers and goats. The vocal heroes are provided with musical support from members of the Berliner Philharmoniker and other guests. Sing along!