22 Dec 2018

An introduction by Iván Fischer (13 min.)

With conductor Iván Fischer and baritone Christian Gerhaher, two particularly stalwart artistic partners of the orchestra were guests at this pre-Christmas concert with the Berliner Philharmoniker in 2018. Two Legends by Antonín Dvořák, orchestral songs by Hugo Wolf and the Eighth Symphony in C major by Franz Schubert, which – in contrast to the composer’s Fifth in the same key – is known as the “Great”. In this introduction, Iván Fischer explains why Dvořák’s minor and little-known orchestral works are particularly close to his heart. He also talks about Wolf’s convivial settings of subtle poems by Goethe and Mörike, and the constant, underlying pulse in Schubert’s symphony, which masterfully combines Beethoven’s greatness with a popularity reminiscent of Rossini.

The concert