22 Oct 2020

Daniel Barenboim in conversation with Christoph Streuli (15 min.)

Daniel Barenboim made his Philharmoniker debut as a pianist in 1964 and as a conductor in 1969, and is now their only honorary conductor. In October 2020 he conducted a performance of Bedřich Smetana’s symphonic cycle Má vlast, a work which is rarely performed in its entirety. From Barenboim’s point of view, Czech composers have their very own musical voice and unmistakable character. In a conversation with the Philharmoniker’s violinist Christoph Streuli, he also talks about the general significance of Smetana, his conductor friend Rafael Kubelik, who is unsurpassed in the Czech repertoire, and about the impact of the corona pandemic on the music world.

The concert