25 Sep 2014

Musicians of the Berliner Philharmoniker on the Brahms/Schumann cycle (9 min.)

The four symphonies of both Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms belong of course to the core repertoire played by the Berliner Philharmoniker on a regular basis. But over four evenings during the 2014 Musikfest Berlin, the numerically corresponding symphonies of both composers were juxtaposed – a first for all members of the orchestra as well as for chief conductor Sir Simon Rattle. In this video, orchestra members such as violinists Peter Brem and Rüdiger Liebermann, principal clarinet Andreas Ottensamer, principal oboe Andreas Mayer and trombonist Thomas Leyendecker talk about their expectations of this unusual project, including their favourite musical moments in the works, and the similarities and differences between the two Romantics.

The concert