07 Oct 2017

Mitsuko Uchida in conversation with Tobias Möller (12 min.)

The pianist Mitsuko Uchida made her debut with the Berliner Philharmoniker in 1984, and since Sir Simon Rattles took office as chief conductor, her collaboration with the orchestra has been particularly intensive. She performed a cycle of all of Beethoven’s piano concertos in February 2010 while on other occasions, Mozart’s music has often been included in the programme. In October 2017, the pianist, the conductor and the orchestra performed Mozart’s last piano concerto in B flat major, a work characterised by an unmistakable melancholy – especially in the quote from the wistful song “Komm, lieber Mai”. Mitsuko Uchida talks to Tobias Möller, head of communications at the Digital Concert Hall, about, among other things, working together with Sir Simon, the development of her approach to Mozart, and why his music is so incredibly difficult to perform properly.

The concert