15 Sep 2018

François-Xavier Roth in conversation with Matthew Hunter (17 min.)

Following François-Xavier Roth’s debut with the Berliner Philharmoniker in 2015 when he conducted French music from three centuries, his return to the orchestra in 2018 featured works exclusively from the 20th century which again demonstrated the versatility and dramaturgical originality of the conductor: In addition to compositions by Bernd Alois Zimmermann and Igor Stravinsky, the three movements of Debussy’s Images framed Ligeti’s compositions Lontano and Atmosphères. In this interval feature with Matthew Hunter, violist with the Philharmoniker, Roth, who since 2015 has been general music director of the city of Cologne, talks about the principle of “montage” in his concert programmes and the musical family affinities that exist among the composers performed: Stravinsky could be considered a “little brother” and György Ligeti the “son” of Claude Debussy.

The concert