09 Dec 2020

Baiba Skride in conversation with Aleksandar Ivić (11 min.)

Since her debut in 2010, Latvian-born violinist Baiba Skride has appeared regularly with the Berliner Philharmoniker. After Alban Berg’s violin concerto dedicated “To the memory of an angel” and both violin concertos by Shostakovich, she again performed a key composition of the 20th century in December 2020: Stravinsky’s only contribution to the genre. In the interview, Baiba Skride explains what fascinates her about the concerto, which demands the utmost concentration due to its complexity and consistently dispenses with the show interludes familiar from the virtuoso repertoire. She is interviewed by the violinist Aleksandar Ivić, who has been a member of the Philharmoniker since 1996.

The concert