Schumann · Wagner · Lutosławski / Boder


Berliner Philharmoniker
Michael Boder

Anja Kampe

  • Elliott Carter
    A Celebration of some 100 x 150 notes (00:05:04)

  • Robert Schumann
    Symphony No. 3 in E flat major, op. 97 “Rhenish” (00:36:37)

  • Richard Wagner
    Wesendonck Lieder (orchestrated by Felix Mottl and Richard Wagner) (00:24:46)

    Anja Kampe Soprano

  • Witold Lutosławski
    Concerto for Orchestra (00:33:11)

  • free

    Michael Boder conversa con Fergus McWilliam (00:19:19)

Perhaps his anniversary got slightly lost on in all the Messiaen excitement. Which is why it is worth remembering an American composer, who celebrated his 100th birthday last December, and whose significance for the history of music should certainly not be underestimated. This tribute is owed to Elliott Carter, who is still widely underestimated. And this concert offers an occasion and opportunity to subject this preconception, which certainly equals a misconception (unless one is a rather ardent proponent of the serial dogma and inclined to a slightly narrow-minded disposition), to a sounding revision. For example by listening to Carter’s A Celebration of Some 100 x 150 Notes – an opus just sparkling with bright ideas. The same reverence also applies to both of the other orchestral works presented in the course of these evenings: Robert Schumann’s Third, so-called Rhenish, Symphony meets Witold Lutosławski’s Concert for Orchestra. And then there’s another champion of the “Gesamtkunstwerk” (total artwork): Richard Wagner. But no fear, not the complete Ring is presented here, just the Wesendonck Lieder song cycle, a highly recommended treasure, particularly in conjunction with the soloist Anja Kampe.

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