04 Dec 2019

Christian Thielemann in conversation with Aleksandar Ivić (15 min.)

In the extensive repertoire that Christian Thielemann has performed with the Berliner Philharmoniker since 1996, the music of Richard Strauss has played a central role. Following 2002 and 2011, December 2019 saw Thielemann dedicate a Philharmoniker concert exclusively to works by this composer for the third time. The fact that the conductor’s expertise goes beyond the famous operas and symphonic poems was demonstrated once again by the compilation of the programme which, in addition to the well-known Rosenkavalier Suite, included the Sonatina for winds and the 3 Hymns for soprano and orchestra. The former had never been performed by the Philharmoniker before, while the latter was last played in the time of Wilhelm Furtwängler. Christian Thielemann talks about the concert programme and his collaboration with the Berliner Philharmoniker with violinist Aleksandar ivić, who has been a member of the orchestra since 1996.

The concert