24 Sep 2020

Lahav Shani in conversation with Amihai Grosz (15 min.)

After Lahav Shani won the international Gustav Mahler Conducting Competition in 2013, his international career took off at a breathtaking pace. In 2018, he was appointed principal conductor of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and in the 2020/21 season took over the same position with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra as the successor to Zubin Mehta. His relationship with this renowned ensemble, with whom he has also performed as a pianist, was discussed by Shani with principal viola player Amihai Grosz to mark his debut with the Berliner Philharmoniker. Other topics of discussion were the works of Mozart and Schumann that were performed, the mutual give and take between conductor and orchestra, and the musician’s student days in Berlin, when he regularly attended the Berliner Philharmoniker's rehearsals and concerts.

The concert