Sir Simon Rattle and the Orchestra Academy perform Mahler’s “Das Lied von der Erde”


카라얀 아카데미
사이먼 래틀 경

가이 브라운슈타인, 막달레나 코제나, 앤드루 스테이플스

  • 한스 베르너 헨체
    바이올린 협주곡 2번 (38 분)

    가이 브라운슈타인 바이올린, 볼프람 테스머 바리톤

  • 구스타프 말러
    <대지의 노래> (글렌 코르테스의 실내 오케스트라 버전) (67 분)

    막달레나 코제나 메조소프라노, 앤드루 스테이플스 테너 (젊은이)

After the huge success of his Eighth Symphony, Mahler turned to a surprisingly subtle work: Das Lied von der Erde, which exudes humanity and intensity through its restrained expression. On more than one occasion, composers have attempted to increase the intimate characteristics of the Lied by arranging it for chamber orchestra. In this recording with the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra Academy, Sir Simon Rattle performs just such an arrangement, by Glen Cortese.

The Orchestra Academy is the Berliner Philharmoniker's breeding ground for talent. After finishing their studies, the young musicians spend two years being prepared for the job of orchestral musician by members of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Many graduates are later taken up in the orchestra. In this way, the academy, which was started by Herbert von Karajan forty years ago, makes a significant contribution to the musical continuity of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Among the special events in the calendar of the Academy are concerts like these, where chief conductor Sir Simon Rattle himself works with the young orchestral players.

The concert was part of a series of events with which the Berliner Philharmoniker celebrated the 85th birthday of Hans Werner Henze in July 2011. The composer was represented that evening by his Second Violin Concerto with the orchestra's concertmaster Guy Braunstein as soloist. The work is based on a poem by Hans Magnus Enzensberger which deals ironically with the figure of Baron Münchhausen - and at a deeper level, with the failure of world revolution. Accordingly, the concerto reflects this: a comically desperate confusion, in which expectations are constantly raised and dashed.

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