Berliner Philharmoniker
David Zinman

Gil Shaham

  • Edward Elgar
    Violin Concerto (00:51:21)

    Gil Shaham Violin

  • Béla Bartók
    Concerto for Orchestra (00:41:01)

In the past, Great Britain has often been referred to as a “land without music”, underlining the widespread continental opinion that the British Isles had not brought forth any composers of international rank. Obviously a mistake, especially since a whole line of internationally renowned composers emerged from England in the first decades of the last century. Among them Edward Elgar, who was born in 1857. Richard Strauss is said to have called him the “front man” of English music, and back home he has long been known as the “grand old man”. In an utterly compelling manner, Elgar’s Violin Concerto from 1910 reveals how subtly he was able to combine modernist tendencies with late Romantic influences. No one has ever doubted the rich traditions of Hungarian music, which prepared the ground for the timelessly clear music of Béla Bartók, who was born in 1881. Bartók’s Concert for Orchestra, first performed in 1944, is a sparkling treasure chest of musical ideas – and, like Elgars Violin Concerto, a must-see for any fan of classical music! Now on CD: "Elgar: Violin Concerto In B Minor Op. 61 / Shaham, Zinman, Chicago Symphony Orchestra"

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