An invitation from the Vocal Heroes: Singalong Christmas concert

03 Dec 2017

Members of the Berliner Philharmoniker

Vocal Heroes, Bürger Lars Dietrich

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    Vocal Heroes Sing-Along Concert for Advent (63 min.)

    Vocal Heroes, Carolin Strecker chorus master, Tobias Walenciak chorus master, Johannes Wolff chorus master, Bürger Lars Dietrich presentation, Roman Vinuesa arrangement, Peter Häublein arrangement, Jelka Weber flute, Martin Stegner viola, Mark Wyand saxophone and clarinet, Otwin Zipp trombone and tuba, Kai Brückner guitar, Raphael Haeger piano, Gunars Upatnieks double bass, Franz Schindlbeck drums, Vincent Vogel drums

Clapping, singing along and joining in – the audience, both young and old, plays an important role in the vocal heroes’ Christmas concert. And at the same time, the education programme’s young choral singers embark on a musical tour of the world that begins in America and takes us to Puerto Rico via France, Spain, Great Britain, Russia and Germany. One thing becomes clear: the Christmas songs of the various nations create very different moods and feelings in us: contemplative, festive, happy, high-spirits...

On this journey we encounter Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, we go south with the wild geese, dance Calypso, Zumba and Trepak, and enjoy traditional Christmas carols such as O Tannenbaum, Il est né le divin enfant and Feliz Navidad. The vocal heroes are supported in this concert by members of the Berliner Philharmoniker and musical guests who accompany the choir instrumentally and also play purely instrumental numbers. All the pieces in the programme are performed in arrangements by Roman Vinuesa and Peter Häublein. The man guiding us through the concert is someone who is known to the young audience members from his appearances in German television programmes such as Schloss Einstein and the KIKA series Sturmfrei: Bürger Lars Dietrich, who is not only a gifted actor and entertaining presenter, but also a passionate rapper.