24 Jun 2017

Mark-Anthony Turnage in conversation with Sarah Willis (14 min.)

Mark-Anthony Turnage and Sir Simon Rattle are connected by an artistic friendship and collaboration which has lasted for several decades, and the Berliner Philharmoniker and their chief conductor have already programmed works by the English composer on many occasions. In June 2017, between serenades by Antonín Dvořák and Johannes Brahms, they performed Remembering, a piece dedicated to the memory of the musician and writer Evan Scofield who died at the age of 25. In this interview, Philharmoniker horn player Sarah Willis asks the composer about the history of the piece and his work together with Sir Simon. Moreover, Turnage talks about how he deals with the time pressure associated with commissioned works, and how he continues to write his musical ideas with pen and paper: a technique he also recommends to his students.

The concert