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In June 2015, Kirill Petrenko was elected as the new chief conductor of the Berliner Philharmoniker, and took up office on 23 August 2019. Our free playlist contains works from the First Viennese School, Romanticism and classical Modernism – three repertoire areas that are at the heart of the conductor’s work with the orchestra.

Through the rare combination of in-depth, detailed work in rehearsals and irresistible personality in performances, Kirill Petrenko knows how to inspire musicians and audiences alike. As he said himself after his election, precision and emotionality are interrelated: “Above all, I hope for many moments of artistic happiness from making music together, which will reward our hard work and fill our artistic life with meaning.”

The present selection presents performances that were seen by all participants as moments of such artistic happiness: In Kirill Petrenko’s first concert as chief conductor designate, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s “Pathétique” was played, which in this performance is characterised not only by formal precision but also by emotional power. Mahler’s Sixth Symphony, which Kirill Petrenko conducted in February 2020, is a composition of similar passion and tragedy. For the chief conductor’s acclaimed inaugural concert in August 2019 and an open air concert at the Brandenburg Gate, which can be heard here, he chose to present Beethoven’s Ninth, a masterpiece of the musical canon.

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