24 ene. 2009

Berliner Philharmoniker
Sakari Oramo

Isabelle Faust

  • Bernd Alois Zimmermann
    Photoptosis (13 min.)

  • Robert Schumann
    Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D minor (38 min.)

    Isabelle Faust Violin

  • Robert Schumann
    Symphony No. 2 in C Major, op. 61 (41 min.)

At first sight these two composers don’t seem to have much in common. Their lifetimes seem too far apart, too different the circumstances in which they composed their works, and their worlds of sound. However, when we look and listen more closely, parallels between both composers appear: on the one hand there is the great Romantic, Robert Schumann, with his proverbial erratic nature, swaying between ecstatic joy and deepest sadness, on the other the exponent of New Music, Bernd Alois Zimmermann, with his radically eruptive, dramatic sound, in short: both composers manifested extremely espressivo music, both were sensualists of sound, differing in the form given to their enormous degree of expression. An exciting juxtaposition. And exciting musicians – not just at first sight.

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