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  • O Tannen<em>BRASS!</em>

    Family Christmas Concert

    O TannenBRASS!

    It is an endearing tradition: our Education programme’s Family Christmas concert. Every year, horn player Sarah Willis presents an instrumental group that plays beautiful, fun, surprising and – of course – Christmas-y music. To this end, you get to know the musicians and their “equipment”. This year, you can expect a brilliant concert in every sense with the brass players of the Berliner Philharmoniker.
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  • School Orchestra Extravaganza 2014


    School Orchestra Extravaganza 2014

    Many young musicians dream of having the chance to play once in their lives in the Berlin Philharmonie. For the participants of our School Orchestra Extravaganza, this is a dream that regularly comes true. Last November, the programme included a very special repertoire: three film scores that probably everyone knows and which were rehearsed here under the direction of chief conductor Sir Simon Rattle.
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  • Stringle Bells

    Family Christmas Concert

    Stringle Bells

    This year’s Family Christmas Concert featured the most numerous section of the Berliner Philharmoniker: The strings. In addition, the orchestra’s percussionists were there with their impressive collection of bells. A colleague from the brass section was also there too: Horn player Sarah Willis presented the entertaining and educational concert with great skill, charm and wit.
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  • FAIRYTALES – <em>The Bremen Brass Musicians</em>

    Family Concert

    FAIRYTALES – The Bremen Brass Musicians

    The beauty of the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm is that they can be constantly retold. Such is the case in this family concert, which puts a new musical spin on the Bremen Town Musicians – in a humorous retelling by presenter Klaus Wallendorf and the full, magnificent sound of the brass section of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Access to the broadcast is free of charge!
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  • Secrets of Cremona

    Family concert

    Secrets of Cremona

    “Stradivarius” – the name alone is full of magic for every music lover. In this family concert, the Philharmonic Stradivari Soloists Berlin together with presenter Matthew Hunter explore the Stradivarius myth. Access to the recording is free of charge!
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  • 10th anniversary of the education programme


    10th anniversary of the education programme

    Music with young people that is as much fun for the performers as the audience was the hallmark of the legendary dance projects of the Berliner Philharmoniker’s education programme. Just what electricity there can be between the Berliner Philharmoniker, young amateur singers and audience in a vocal performance was demonstrated in this 10th anniversary concert conducted by Sir Simon Rattle, which included Benjamin Britten’s children’s opera Noye’s Fludde.
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  • School Orchestra Extravaganza 2013


    School Orchestra Extravaganza 2013

    The School Orchestra Extravaganzas of the Berliner Philharmoniker’s education programme are always a big event, and this year’s meeting in February was no different. Six Berlin school orchestras had rehearsed excerpts from Grieg’s Peer Gynt suites for the big day under the guidance of members of the Berliner Philharmoniker, and the conductor of the public performance in the Philharmonie was none other than Sir Simon Rattle.
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  • /cms/thumbnails/440x293/images/concert/MerryChRHYTHMas-DCH.jpg

    Family concert

    Merry ChRHYTHMas

    We are celebrating Christmas! The percussionists of the Berliner Philharmoniker show just what their instruments are capable of in our family concert. This extraordinary Christmas gala for music fans of all ages is presented by horn player Sarah Willis. You can watch this live broadcast free of charge!
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    Dance project “Carmen”

    Few choreographers have had a greater influence on modern dance theatre than Sasha Waltz. All the greater then was the response when she was involved in the annual Education Dance Project of the Berliner Philharmoniker. The theme was Bizet’s Carmen in the version by Rodion Shchedrin. You can now watch a recording of the performance in the Digital Concert Hall, free of charge.
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  • /cms/thumbnails/440x293/images/concert/BlechblaeserFamKonz-DCH (1).jpg

    Family concert

    A musical trip around the world

    This free family concert from our Education Programme includes nothing less than a musical trip around the world. Together with the Brass Ensemble of the Berliner Philharmoniker, you can roam countries near and far, from Austria to Japan, from Argentina to the United States. In each country there are characteristic sounds and melodies, arranged and composed by Sándor Balogh.
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    Family concert

    The 12 Cellists open their music box

    Fiery, funny, jazzy and sometimes uncontrollably emotional: this is how the 12 Cellists of the Berliner Philharmoniker play their way through the world’s musical repertoire. They now present themselves in a family concert. You can watch it live and free of charge in the Digital Concert Hall.
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  • /cms/thumbnails/440x293/images/concert/MTO-DCH.jpg


    Highlights from the “Meet the Orchestra” series

    “Meet the Orchestra” – under this motto, the education programme of the Berliner Philharmoniker invited music lovers of all ages to the Philharmonie between 2006–2008. This film shows some of the highlights from these concerts.
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    Family Concert

    Autumn Sounds

    Almost everyone knows Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and can hum along to the melodies of this cycle. But who knows exactly what scenes and stories the composer has depicted in these violin concertos? At the Family Concert of the Education Programme of the Berliner Philharmoniker, the examples of Autumn and Winter revealed the wealth of detail hidden in the score.
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  • /cms/thumbnails/440x293/images/concert/RameauTanzprojekt-DCHPlayergross.jpg

    From the Arena Berlin Treptow

    Dance project: “Season’s Whims”

    Rameau’s music is more than just Baroque gracefulness, it’s also full of exciting expressiveness and variety – perfect for a student ballet, as the Berliner Philharmoniker showed in their annual dance project. The recording of this unusual Rameau interpretation is now available free of charge to registered users of the Digital Concert Hall.
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  • /cms/thumbnails/440x293/images/concert/Gruffelo-DCH.jpg

    Family concert

    “The Gruffalo” puppet show

    It does not often happen that a children’s book becomes an international bestseller, but The Gruffalo is such a case. The Berliner Philharmoniker now present the story of the lumbering monster and the cunning little mouse in a charming new adaptation: as a puppet show with live music.
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    Dance project: Surrogate Cities

    The city, with its vibrant energy and its dangers, has always fascinated artists of all disciplines. One of the most exciting musical representations on this theme is Heiner Goebbels’s 1994 piece Surrogate Cities. In February 2008, the Berliner Philharmoniker and Sir Simon Rattle presented this composition as a multifaceted dance project.
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  • /cms/thumbnails/440x293/images/concert/Heidehasen-DCH_1.jpg

    Family concert

    The Heath Hare Song Contest

    What does it sound like when hares and rabbits hold a singing competition? The Berliner Philharmoniker provide the answer in the children’s opera Of Hares and Hedgehogs – free of charge.
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    Family concert

    The “Nutcracker” for children

    Nine woodwind along with a celesta and a double bass are all the Berliner Philharmoniker need to capture the essence of the most beautiful pieces from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker. Horn player Sarah Willis, who was the concert’s presenter, didn’t only explain what happens in the ballet, but also demonstrated the special qualities of the various wind instruments in a symphony orchestra.
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    Piano Extravaganza

    Lang Lang in rehearsal with 100 piano students.

    Chinese star pianist Lang Lang showed just how down-to-earth he still is when he came to the Philharmonie in Berlin in May 2010: He held a workshop where he worked with no less than 100 piano students on Schubert’s Marche militaire No. 1 – relaxed and entertaining, but still with full concentration.

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    Dance project “Swing Symphony”

    They are now regular highlights of the Berliner Philharmoniker season – but still always fresh and surprising: the dance projects of the Berliner Philharmoniker’s Education Programme. For 2010, the orchestra and its chief conductor Sir Simon Rattle came up with something very special: a joint performance with the legendary trumpet player Wynton Marsalis.
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    School Orchestra Extravaganza 2008

    What young musician doesn’t dream of working together one day with a world famous conductor? This dream regularly becomes reality at the Berliner Philharmoniker’s School Orchestra Extravaganza, when Berlin school students rehearse great works of the orchestral repertoire with Sir Simon Rattle. You can now watch a recording of one of these rehearsals in the Digital Concert Hall – for free!

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    Humperdinck’s “Hänsel und Gretel”

    It is fairytale time at the Philharmonie! Horn player and presenter Klaus Wallendorf welcomes “children and former children” to Engelbert Humperdinck’s opera Hänsel und Gretel, which he carefully abridged and supplied rhyming texts to connect the musical elements. The Berliner Philharmoniker and an outstanding ensemble of singers perform under the baton of Mark Elder.
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